Can Juvederm be Used to Enhance Cheeks?

Learn about the benefits & risks of using Juvederm Voluma XC as a dermal filler to enhance cheeks & restore volume. Find out how long results last.

Can Juvederm be Used to Enhance Cheeks?

As we age, the cheeks are one of the first parts of the face to start showing signs of aging, with the youthful fullness of the cheeks in our 20s and 30s gradually sinking and sagging, leaving sunken cheeks that make us look older than we feel. Fortunately, there is a solution: cheek fillers. Cheek fillers can be used on various parts of the face today, including the chin, lips, nose and, of course, cheeks. One of the best options for restoring volume to the cheeks is a dermal filler called Juvederm Voluma.

At our clinic, our staff will make sure you feel comfortable and then begin injecting Juvederm into the treatment area. Your dermatologist will administer several small doses to ensure an ideal appearance once the filler has settled. The results of a Juvederm treatment can last for more than a year (and for Juvederm Voluma, even two). Juvederm is based on hyaluronic acid, which everyone has in their skin, making it suitable for almost anyone.

Patients can expect to see some changes immediately after treatment, with an initial increase in volume and fullness visible due to filler injected under the skin. The best thing about Juvederm Voluma XC is that it lasts much longer than all other dermal injectables, with results that last up to two years. To make your experience more comfortable, most Juvederm vials have been equipped with a small amount of lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic. As you can guess from the name, Ultra Plus is a particularly strong version of Juvederm and is used for especially deep creases and lines on the face.

The main ingredient in Juvederm is a natural substance, so it will work for most people. But because Juvederm works by harnessing this natural moisture in your skin, you'll find that you look completely organic when you move or smile. The reason for this is that Juvederm Voluma cheek filler has a high particle size and G Prime, which produces a greater lifting appearance than other fillers.When done incorrectly, however, you risk things going wrong with side effects such as filler fall-off. Another risk of Juvederm is known as “filler fatigue”, which can be seen in some celebrities who have undergone too many Juvéderm Voluma XC or Juvéderm Ultra XC treatments.

Allergan is the manufacturer of Latisse, all Juvederm products such as Juvéderm Ultra XC and Botox, so they have a long history of producing safe and effective injectables when used by trusted professionals.