What Can Juvederm Do For Your Face?

Learn about how Juvederm can help reduce wrinkles, lines, folds, add volume to thin lips or cheeks, reduce double chin or turkey neck with expert advice.

What Can Juvederm Do For Your Face?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid (HA) based filler, designed to restore and replenish natural HA in areas where it has been depleted.


works by retaining water at the injection site to provide temporary volume and a fresher, younger look. The results of Juvederm treatments can last up to two years, making it a popular choice for many. The composition of Juvederm is one of the reasons it is so successful, as it presents very little risk of allergic reaction or problems for patients.

Juvederm Vollure XC can help reduce the appearance of puppet lines, those pesky lines that form around the mouth. Clinical trials indicate that after Juvederm Ultra XC injections, 79 percent of subjects showed significant improvement in lip volume. Manios will use Juvederm Voluma XC to restore lost volume and provide the face with more structure and definition. If you suffer from early signs of a double chin or turkey neck, Juvederm Voluma XC can help restore lost volume to the chin and mouth to return the skin to its natural position.

The results of this filler treatment are maintained for up to 18 months, which is longer than any other Juvederm product. For Walnut Creek men and women who are interested in receiving Juvederm injections to treat their signs of aging, it's important to know exactly what areas of the face can be treated. In Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, higher viscosity delivers more fullness, more lift and more dramatic results. Juvederm comes in several different shapes, each designed specifically to help different areas of the face.

Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC provide fullness to thin lips, both upper and lower, and give the women of Walnut Creek that coveted pout. The type of Juvederm chosen will depend on the location and severity of the patient's wrinkles, folds, and volume loss. The use of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC depends on the location and severity of wrinkles and folds on the face. Juvederm is relatively new to the world of cosmetics, but has quickly become a favorite with patients and doctors alike.The FDA-approved Juvederm Volbella XC dermal filler is designed specifically for the lips and surrounding areas.Juvederm is an effective way to reduce wrinkles, lines, folds, and other signs of aging on your face.

It can also be used to add volume to thin lips or cheeks, as well as reduce the appearance of a double chin or turkey neck. With its long-lasting results and low risk of allergic reaction or problems, Juvederm is an excellent choice for those looking for a safe way to improve their appearance.