Which juvederm is best for lip volume?

Then there are 3” V fillers. Voluma XC emphasizes volume gain while combating those more intense wrinkles.

Which juvederm is best for lip volume?

Then there are 3” V fillers. Voluma XC emphasizes volume gain while combating those more intense wrinkles. Volbella is a more subtle filler that uses hyaluronic acid to give your lips a more natural look. Combining the two, we get Vollure XC, which has been documented to be the most durable dermal filler of all of these options.

When it comes to the cheeks, the most common form of juvederm chosen is generally Juvederm Voluma XC. This is one of the densest Juvederm fillers available, one designed to add volume below the skin's surface while contouring the cheek area to your liking. People with drooping and drooping cheeks often see significant positive results from Voluma treatments. Juvederm lasts from 6 months to 2 years with Voluma XC that lasts longer and provides the most volume per cc.

However, that product may not address vertical lip lines as perfectly as Volbella XC. While Volbella XC may not last as long as Voluma XC, it's the best option for those who want to erase lines and don't want too much volume. The most important option in filling is not always how long it lasts, but which filler achieves its goals. There are ways to make any filling last longer.

They include staying out of the sun, using sunscreen, and not overdoing cardio because, like fat, fillers can burn. Junk food also helps shorten the time of its filling by increasing inflammation in the body that breaks down the gel. Stress hormones can create a breakdown of the filler, which dramatically decreases the lifespan of fillers. Once the swelling subsides, try to stay away from ice, such as drinking ice water or sucking on ice cubes or popsicles.

Juvederm is a well-known and respected collection of 5 different dermal fillers that fill, soften and contour areas of the face. The cost of Juvederm lip injections varies depending on the filler used, as well as the patient's desired lip size compared to the size and shape of their lips prior to the procedure. Juvederm offers 5 different products including Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Voluma XC, Vollure XC, Volbella XC, each perfect for certain areas of the face and specific concerns. If you're considering Juvederm treatments for a particular area of your face, you may wonder which of these treatments is best for you.

To reduce swelling after Juvederm injections into the lips, it is best to pre-treat with Arnica Montana tablets at least one day before treatment. Like Ultra and Volbella, this Juvederm shape will add volume to lines or folds, helping you get the best possible results. This dermal filler product line, which includes Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Volbella and others, is made with hyaluronic acid and is intended to help with several of the visible signs of aging in multiple areas of the face. Juvederm Ultra XC has been a crowd favorite for some time now when it comes to giving your lips a fuller look, but Volbella XC, being one of the newest products on the market right now, is also a strong competitor.